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Visitors to the Art, Craft & Wine Festival will not only enjoy art, crafts, and a variety of wines from around the world, but they will also be able to learn more about the Wekiva River System and efforts to conserve and preserve this resource for generations to come. The Rotary Club of Seminole County South formed a partnership with Friends of the Wekiva River to increase public awareness of the ecological value of the Wekiva River Basin and promote personal stewardship through individual promises to protect the Basin. Together we created a program The Wekiva River Promise.
The Wekiva River Promise program asks individuals and organizations to recognize that water is life. And, most importantly, Promise to be mindful of the pollutants generated from our lawns and septic systems, each one of us can do our part to protect the health and quality of our drinking water and the entire Wekiva system. Promise takers receive A Promise to the Wekiva magazine and Wekiva: Legacy or Loss, the award winning documentary that features a Promise to the Wekiva: Journey of a Wild & Scenic River, which further enables the Club to disseminate knowledge about one of Central Florida's most precious resources. So join us at the Annual Rotary Art, Craft and Wine Festival at Crane Roost in Altamonte Springs featuring exhibitors who will provide information about native plants, water and energy conservation, wild-life, sustainable projects, and recreational opportunities. And consider taking the Wekiva River Promise!